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Coal Washing Plant

2013-09-29 13:20:56

Our company has the ability of designing and manufacturing 2,000,000t/a of coal  preparation equipment. We go in for coal  preparation EPC(including design, manufacture, installation and debugging ),then build up a efficient and capable management team. They have nice and fruitful managerial experience, bring down the cost greatly, cut down the construction period and meet customers’ demands.
Coal preparation technique is divided into jigging craft and heavy media craft. according to the different coal property we choose the different craft, easy coal preparation uses jigging craft generally. The advantages of jigging craft: (1) adopting jigging craft is mature and reliable, and it can meet the demand of clean coal 
quality completely;(2) yield faster results and bigger economic returns from smaller investments compared with heavy media craft;(3) the demand for the operating worker and cost of operation and maintenance are relatively low.
About particularly valuable coal and hard dressing coal, we adopt heavy media craft generally. The advantages of heavy media craft: (1)high separating efficiency; (2) wide range of particle size selected;(3) easy automation.
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