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Active Lime Production Line

2013-09-29 13:19:03

With the continuous development of the science and technology at home and abroad, the industry demands for the high-quality steel more strict and urgent.  So,  the  steel  industry  demands  for  the  activity  limestone’s activators more high. Our company manufactures independently activity limestone  production  line  under  300,000t/a  through  using  ripening technique of Germany according to servicing for metallurgy industry many years.  We adopt  advanced process  flow of  vertical  pre-heater--rotary kiln—vertical  type cooler roasting system.(including material’s storage, transport  and screening system,  material  promotion and kiln tail  pre-heating system, rotary kiln roasting system, cooler for finished product of kiln head, gas fitting system, processing kiln tail flue gas system, finished product  storage,  transport  and screening system ).  This craft  has high degree of automation,  simplicity of operation,  saving labor force,  small investment,  bigger  economic  results,  high  output,  high  product’s activators,  and energy efficiency,  lower  energy consumption,  standard environmental protection.
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