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Sulphuric Acid Production Line from Sulphur and Gas

2013-09-29 13:14:48

We have a professional  and experienced group to research,  develop and manufacture. We have experience for many sulfuric acid projects, these years, we have taken many design and installation for sulfuric acid projects in 
China. We can manufacture sulfuric acid equipments for 40,000-400,000t/a, and our  technology is  the most  advanced in China now.  Such as  in the absorption part, we can achieve three towers one slot and one acid condenser, the height of three towers is the lowest in China, to reduce the project cost and reduce the lift of acid pump. We have the corresponding qualification and ability for installation of non-standard equipment,  installation of standard equipment,  making  and  installation  of  process  pipeline,  installation  of electrical  equipment  and  instrument,  masonry  work,  anticorrosive  and insulation project and building work, especially, we have enough experience about the installation and making on site of absorption tower, converter, heat exchanger and other non-standard equipments, installation of kinds of waste heat  boiler  for  thermal  power  generation,  installation and debugging of electrical  instrument  and  masonry  liner  for  non-standard  equipments. 
According to our experience of construction, we can adjust timely and fill up a deficiency of  design,  to improve efficiency and quality.  Our  design, manufacture and construction of sulfuric acid project are the best in China.
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